Welcome to my first blog!

Hello, my name is Jack, and I am a young animator and conservationist.

After watching the Lost Land series at the age of 7, I had asked my mum if I could email George McGavin, who was the entomology expert on the expedition. I remember telling George that my parents were letting me and my younger sister Lucy turn our small back garden into a nature reserve. When he so kindly replied, I was over the moon. That is what really got me into conservation. From there, I gave my mum the idea to bring nature to my old primary school, hence the school’s Forest School was created.

I have always loved Wallace and Gromit, so I thought, why not use animations as a way to show younger children the importance of conservation? At my old primary school, there was quite a lot of litter, especially the net bags used to hold oranges (one of those bags features in the ‘Litter Kills’ animation). I wanted to show children how just one single piece of litter can harm wildlife. I was delighted when I was asked by a teacher at the school to show Year 2 children how to animate, and also to show them my ‘Litter Kills’ animation. I was pleased when some parents and the teacher told my mum that the children had enjoyed it.

I was really happy to leave the school knowing that other children were keen to help wildlife thrive, and have the benefit of the Forest School too.

Many thanks for reading!